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3no EE CiteSeerX Google scholar BibTeX bibliographical record in XMLMyron Flickner, Harpreet S. Sawhney, Jonathan Ashley, Qian Huang, Byron Dom, Monika Gorkani, Jim Hafner, Denis Lee, Dragutin Petkovic, David Steele, Peter Yanker: Query by Image and Video Content: The QBIC System. IEEE Computer 28(9): 23-32 (1995)
2no EE CiteSeerX Google scholar BibTeX bibliographical record in XMLRon Barber, Myron Flickner, Jim Hafner, Denis Lee, Wayne Niblack, Dragutin Petkovic, Jonathan Ashley, T. McConnell, J. Ho, J. S. Jang, D. Berkowitz, Peter Yanker, M. Vo, D. Haas, D. Lassig, S. Tate, A. Chang, P. van Houten, J. Chang, T. Petersen, D. Lutrell, M. Snedden, P. Faust, C. Matteucci, M. Rayner, R. Peters, W. Beck, J. Witsett: Multimedia Manager: Query by Image Content and Its Applications. COMPCON 1994: 424-429
1no EE CiteSeerX Google scholar BibTeX bibliographical record in XMLWayne Niblack, Ron Barber, William Equitz, Myron Flickner, Eduardo H. Glasman, Dragutin Petkovic, Peter Yanker, Christos Faloutsos, Gabriel Taubin: The QBIC Project: Querying Images by Content, Using Color, Texture, and Shape. Storage and Retrieval for Image and Video Databases (SPIE) 1993: 173-187

Coauthor Index

1Jonathan Ashley [2] [3]
2Ron Barber [1] [2]
3W. Beck [2]
4D. Berkowitz [2]
5A. Chang [2]
6J. Chang [2]
7Byron Dom [3]
8William Equitz [1]
9Christos Faloutsos [1]
10P. Faust [2]
11Myron Flickner [1] [2] [3]
12Eduardo H. Glasman [1]
13Monika Gorkani [3]
14D. Haas [2]
15Jim Hafner [2] [3]
16J. Ho [2]
17P. van Houten [2]
18Qian Huang [3]
19J. S. Jang [2]
20D. Lassig [2]
21Denis Lee [2] [3]
22D. Lutrell [2]
23C. Matteucci [2]
24T. McConnell [2]
25Wayne Niblack [1] [2]
26R. Peters [2]
27T. Petersen [2]
28Dragutin Petkovic [1] [2] [3]
29M. Rayner [2]
30Harpreet S. Sawhney [3]
31M. Snedden [2]
32David Steele [3]
33S. Tate [2]
34Gabriel Taubin [1]
35M. Vo [2]
36J. Witsett [2]

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