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39. COMPCON 1994: San Francisco, California, USA

Spring COMPCON 94, Digest of Papers, February 28- March 4, 1994, San Francisco, California, USA. IEEE-CS 1994, ISBN 0-8186-5380-9


x86 Micros: The Next Generation

R4200: A High-Performance MIPS Microprocessor for Portables

Off-the-Shelf PA-RISC Processors

Scalable Interconnects

Scalable Interconnects

Fibre Channel Update

Asynchronous Transfer Mode

New System Software

Object-Oriented Operating Systems

Inside the Newton Personal Digital Assistent

Information Superhighway Infrastructure

Digital Warehouses

Interstate Information Highways: Satellites, Fiber, Cable

Local Expressways and Off-Ramps

Applications: Entertainment and the Electronic Communities

Commercial Systems


Client Servers

New Directions in Management

Commercial Applications for Massive Parallelism

Semiconductor Technology

New DRAM Organizations

VLSI Technology


The PowerPC 603 Microprocessor

Power PC Software and System Design

Legal Issues


Creativity and Rights

RISC Systems

PA-RISC: Extending the Range

IBM 2nd Generation POWER RISC/600 Systems

Alpha AXP Personal Computer

Silicon Valley Meets Hollywood

Managing Video and Imaging Data

Post Production for Film and Video

The Silicon Behind the Silver Screen

Mobile Computing

Technologies for a New Generation of Communications

Mobile Computing Technologies

Low Power Systems Technology

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