29. VLDB 2003: Berlin, Germany

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Ten-Year Best Paper Award

Research Sessions

Internet/WWW (Session A1)

Data Mining/Streams (Session A2)

Query Processing in the Web (Session A3)

XML Queries Processing I (Session A4)

XML Matching & Storage (Session A5)

XML Query Processing II (Session A6)

XML Query Processing III (Session A7)

Streaming (Session A8)

Distributed Data & Streams (Session A9)

Web & Statistics (Session A10)

Caching (Session B1)

Data Mining (Session B2)

OLAP & Data Mining (Session B3)

Advanced Query Processing (Session B4)

Data Quality, Data Mining (Session B5)

Managing derived Data (Session B6)

Access Methods & Temporal Data (Session B7)

Aggregation, Prediction & Constraints (Session B8)

Storage Management (Session B9)

Performance & Benchmarking (Session B10)

Query Optimization (Session C2)

Spatial Support (Session C3)

Advanced Query Processing (Session C5)

Metadata & Sampling (Session C6)

Potpourri - Access Control, Bioinformatics & Security (Session C10)

Industrial Sessions

Performance (Session C1)

Multidimensionality & Bioinformatics (Session C4)

XML & Mobility (Session C7)

Web Services (Session C8)

Session Chair: L. F. Cabrera (Microsoft Corporation, USA)

Grid and Applications (Session C9)

Session Chair: Frank Leymann (IBM Entwicklung GmbH, Germany)

Commercial Use of Database Technology (Session C11)

Session Chair: Harald Schöning (Software AG, Germany)


Demo Sessions

Semistructured Data Management (Session D1)

Distributed Information Management (Session D2)

Advanced Models and Languages/Architectures for Data Analysis (Session D3)


The VLDB Publication Coordinator