VLDB 2024: Call for Panel Proposals

We solicit proposals for panels at the 2024 VLDB Conference in Guangzhou, China (September 5-9, 2024). Panel proposals are expected to address new, exciting, and controversial issues of broad interest to the community. The proposed panel should be provocative, informative, and entertaining.

Panel proposals must include:

  1. Description of the panel topic (no more than 1.5 pages)
    • Why is this topic of interest to the community?
    • Do you see the panel engaging the database community and changing their positions or schools of thought?
    • What are possible different and diverse perspectives that might spark a discussion?
    • What are the likely positions of the panelists on the topic? Do they bring in ideas from different communities?
    • What questions or prompts are given to the panelists to prepare their opening statements?
    • What questions will the moderator use to get the discussion going?
  2. Name, affiliation, brief bio, and contact information for the proposed panel chair (no page limit).
  3. Names, affiliations, brief bios, and rationale for inclusion in the panel for up to four panelists in addition to the panel chair. The proposed panelists must have made a commitment to participate.

    VLDB-2024 will be in the hybrid mode. So remote panelists are okay as long as they attend in real time and actively participate in the discussion. (No page limit.)

An inclusive and diverse mix of panelists is encouraged.

Representation from both industry and academia and panelists from different research communities are also encouraged.

Important dates

Proposal submission: May 31, 2024
Acceptance notification (tentative): June 15, 2024
Camera-ready due (tentative): July 1, 2024