Call for Papers

Experiments and Analysis Track PVLDB Vol. 5 and VLDB 2012

The Experiments and Analysis Track of VLDB seeks papers that focus on the experimental evaluation of existing algorithms and data structures, as well as papers describing new and innovative systems. Suitable papers can fit in different categories:

  • Experimental Surveys: papers that compare a wide spectrum of approaches to a problem and, through extensive experiments, provide a comprehensive perspective on the results available and how they compare to each other.
  • Problem Analysis: papers that focus on relevant problems or phenomena and through analysis and/or experimentation provide insights on the nature or characteristics of these phenomena, including negative results. Papers that propose new algorithms to address the identified problems should continue to submit to the regular research track.  The E&A track is suitable for papers where the problem identification and characterization in itself is the primary contribution.
  • Result Verification: papers that verify or refute results published in the past and that, through the renewed analysis, help to advance the state of the art.
  • New Systems: papers describing innovative systems, platforms, or novel applications of database technology, with an emphasis on innovative and visionary approaches to  systems architecture, and non-obvious lessons learned in the process. Papers proposing and evaluating new architectures and algorithms should continue to submit to the regular research track.  The E&A track is suitable for retrospectives on well-established systems and for new system descriptions where the primary innovation lies in the overall system conceptualization in a manner hard to break into individual innovative components.

Overall, the track places a great emphasis on comprehensive and detailed experimental evaluation, appropriate methodology, and a fair assessment of the strength and weaknesses of the ideas discussed in the paper. Disclosing, at the time of the submission, all the experimental data available and, when possible, the related software is strongly encouraged. For papers that comment on published results by third parties, the Program Committee may ask the third party to comment on the submission and even request a short rebuttal/explanation to be published along the submission in the event of acceptance.

The submission guidelines, submission process, revisions, extended journal articles, and resubmission rule for Experiment and Analysis track are the same as Research track submissions for VLDB 2012.  All accepted papers to Experiments and Analysis track will also both be published in PVLDB Vol. 5 and presented at the VLDB 2012 conference.  At least one author of every submitted paper should plan to attend the VLDB conference if the paper is accepted.