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Travel Grants

VLDB 2013 Travel Fellowship Program
The VLDB Travel Fellowship Program provides financial support to students and faculty affiliated with universities with limited funding opportunities (e.g., universities in developing countries) to attend the VLDB conference. The long-term goal of the program is to encourage talented young scientists to pursue a career in database research. More information can be found here.

VLDB-ADBIS Participation Grants
This year VLDB will be collaborating with ADBIS and be facilitating the participation in both conferences, through a number of travel grants. ADBIS is taking place in Genoa right after VLDB. More information can be found here.

Google Student Scholarships
Google is offering 5 scholarships of US$1000 each (minus applicable taxes) to students presenting their paper at the conference. Interested participants should provide at the registration desk a letter from their advisor that certifies their student status and that they will be the presenter of the paper, along with the name of the paper with the full author list. Only one application can be made for each student (i.e., no double participation in case the student presents more than one papers). The winners will be decided through a lottery selection.

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