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Symposium on Logic Programming (SLP / ILPS / NACLP)

15. JICSLP 1998: Manchester, UK

Proceedings of JICSLP 1998: Manchester, UK, 15-19 June 1998

14. ILPS 1997: Port Jefferson, NY, USA

Jan Maluszynski (Ed.): Logic Programming, Proceedngs of the 1997 International Symposium, Port Jefferson, Long Island, N.Y., October 13-16, 1997. MIT Press, 1997, ISBN 0-262-63180-6
Contents - ILPS 1997 Home Page

Burkhard Freitag, Hendrik Decker, Michael Kifer, Andrei Voronkov (Eds.): Transactions and Change in Logic Databases, International Seminar on Logic Databases and the Meaning of Change, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany, September 23-27, 1996 and ILPS '97 Post-Conference Workshop on (Trans)Actions and Change in Logic Programming and Deductive Databases, (DYNAMICS'97) Port Jefferson, NY, USA, October 17, 1997, Invited Surveys and Selected Papers. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1472 Springer 1998, ISBN 3-540-65305-8
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DYNAMICS 97 Post-Conference Workshop on (Trans)Actions and Change in Logic Programming and Deductive Databases

Postconference Workshop on Logic Programming and Knowledge Representation (LPKR'97)
ILPS97 Workshop on Parallelism and Implementation Technology for Constraint Logic Programming
Tools and Environments for (Constraint) Logic Programming

13. SLP (JICSLP) 1996: Bonn, Germany

Michael J. Maher (Ed.): Logic Programing, Proceedings of the 1996 Joint International Conference and Syposium on Logic Programming, September 2-6, 1996, Bonn, Germany. MIT Press, 1996, ISBN 0-262-63173-3
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Post Conference Workshops:
Parallelism and Implementation Technology for Constraint Logic Programming
Deductive Databases and Logic Programming
Multi-Paradigm Logic Programming
Workshop on Logic Programming Tools for Internet Applications

12. ILPS 1995: Portland, Oregon

John W. Lloyd (Ed.): Logic Programming, Proceedings of the 1995 International Symposium, December 4-7, 1995, Portland, Oregon. MIT Press 1995, ISBN 0-262-62099-5
Contents - Server at Oregon

11. ILPS 1994: Ithaca, New York

Maurice Bruynooghe (Ed.): Logic Programming, Proceedings of the 1994 International Symposium, November 13-17, 1994, MIT Press 1994, ISBN 0-262-52191-1

Post-Conference Workshops:

10. ILPS 1993: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Dale Miller (Ed.): Logic Programming, Proceedings of the 1993 International Symposium, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, October 26-29, 1993. MIT Press 1993, ISBN 0-262-63152-0

Post-Conference Workshops:

9. SLP (JICSLP) 1992: Washington, DC

Krzysztof Apt (Ed.): Logic Programming, Proceedings of the Joint International Conference and Symposium on Logic Programming, November 1992. MIT Press 1992, ISBN 0-262-51064-2

Workshop on Logic Programming Environments
Workshop on Concurrent and Parallel Implementations

8. ISLP 1991: San Diego, California, USA

Vijay A. Saraswat, Kazunori Ueda (Eds.): Logic Programming, Proceedings of the 1991 International Symposium, San Diego, California, USA, Oct. 28 - Nov 1, 1991. MIT Press 1991, ISBN 0-262-69147-7

7. NACLP 1990: Austin, Texas

Saumya K. Debray, Manuel V. Hermenegildo (Eds.): Logic Programming, Proceedings of the 1990 North American Conference, Austin, Texas, October 29 - November 1, 1990. MIT Press 1990, ISBN 0-262-54058-4

Jan Chomicki (Ed.): Proceedings of the Workshop on Deductive Databases held in conjunction with the North American Conference on Logic Programming, November 1, 1990, Austin, Texas, Technical Report, Kansas State University, Report TR-CS-90-14

6. NACLP 1989: Cleveland, Ohio

Ewing L. Lusk, Ross A. Overbeek: Logic Programming, Proceedings of the North American Conference 1989, Cleveland, Ohio, October 16-20, 1989. MIT Press 1989, ISBN 0-262-62064-2 (2 Volumes)

5. ICLP/SLP 1988: Seattle, Washington

Robert A. Kowalski, Kenneth A. Bowen: Logic Programming, Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference and Symposium, Seattle, Washington, August 15-19, 1988. MIT Press 1988, ISBN 0-262-61056-6 (2 Volumes)

4. SLP 1987: San Francisco, California

Proceedings of the 1987 Symposium on Logic Programming, San Francisco, California, August 31 - September 4, 1987. IEEE-CS 1987, ISBN 0-8186-0799-8

3. SLP 1986: Salt Lake City, Utah

Proceedings of the 1986 Symposium on Logic Programming, Salt Lake City, Utah, September 22-25, 1986. IEEE-CS 1986, ISBN 0-8186-0728-9

2. SLP 1985: Boston, Massachusetts

Proceedings of the 1985 Symposium on Logic Programming, Boston, Massachusetts, July 15-18, 1985. IEEE-CS 1985, ISBN 0-8186-0636-3

1. SLP 1984: Atlantic City, New Jersey

Proceedings of the 1984 International Symposium on Logic Programming, Atlantic City, New Jersey, February 6-9, 1984. IEEE-CS 1984, ISBN 0-8186-0522-7

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