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8. IPPS 1994: Cancún, Mexico

Howard Jay Siegel (Ed.): Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Parallel Processing, Cancún, Mexico, April 1994. IEEE Computer Society 1994, ISBN 0-8186-5602-6 CiteSeerX Google scholar pubzone.org BibTeX bibliographical record in XML
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Keynote Address

Interconnection Networks


Computational Geometry

Memory Issues


Graph Algorithms

Machine Architectures

Compiler Optimizaztion


Parallel Processing Systems

Keynote Address

Sorting and Networks

Reasource Management

Numerical Methods




Program Portability Across Parallel Architectures

Digital Media and Distributed Computing

Portability, Scalability, and Applications

Keynote Address

Embedding and Message Passing

Models and Real Time Systems


Network Performance

Data Structures and Debugging

Image Processing and VLSI CAD

The Right Stuff? Teaching Parallel Computing

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