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9. ICSE 1987: Monterey, CA, USA

Proceedings, 9th International Conference on Software Engineering, March 30 - April 2, 1987, Monterey, California, USA. ACM Press, ISBN 0-89791-216-0

Plenary Sessions

Panel: Understanding and Assessing the Software Process

Formal Specification Languages

Measuring and Modeling the Software Process

Panel: Empirical Studies of the Software Process

More Formal Specification Languages

Supporting Version Control

Panel: Database Technologies and Software Engineering

Some Existing Software Process Models

Panel: Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering

User Interface Support

Software Process Assessments and Improvements

Panel: Sampling of Existing Environments

Panel: Software Process Management: Lessons Learned from History

Panel: Prospects for Future Envionments

Panel: Appoaches to Improving Software Processes

Support for Evolution and Reuse

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