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Mitte: Nikolaiviertel, Gendarmenmarkt, Hackesche Höfe
Schöneberg: Pariser Straße, Winterfeldtplatz
Charlottenburg: Savigny-Platz
Prenzlauer Berg


In the small lanes of the historical Nikolaiviertel (Nikolai quarter) the traditional Berlin returns to life. Mitte's taverns and bars are waking local traditions due to their old-fashioned atmosphere and the typical homemade dishes served. Especially tourists are appreciating this part of Berlin for its direct position beside the Spree River and for its numerous souvenir shops. The pictured Nikolai-church with its roots form the 13th century is one of Berlin's oldest maintained religious buildings.


At this location the dishes of truly exclusive restaurants are very delicious. After a special dining experience you can stroll for nobly bars enjoying the unique sight.
If you are lucky you even might meet a famous star or politician that is appreciating the Gendarmenmarkt just as well.

Hackesche Höfe

For starting your tour through Berlin's nightlife you shouldn't miss the Hackesche Höfe. Here you will find a huge variety of famous restaurants, bars and clubs. Additionally, Mitte offers numerous facets to enjoy its culture in form of theatres, cinemas, art galleries and a varieté.
For night owls there are, for example, options for the following night walks: Along Oranienburger Straße (Mitte) between Oranienburger Tor and Monbijouplatz there is one bar after the other, such as the Zapata (Tacheles), Zosch, Oren, Silberstein or Hackbarth's.
Representatives of Berlin's legendary club scene, such as the Kalkscheune, are also just around the corner. Thus the famous Tresor is not too far away (Potsdamer/Leipziger Platz). The Heckmannhöfe and further courtyards worth to see with galleries and cafés are on the way to the legendary Hackescher Markt, which is a hive of activity, not only in the Hackesche Höfe (courtyards) in front of the station. Clubs such as the Oxymoron, Delicious Doughnuts, Lime Club, Bergwerk or Delis attract their public from all over the place. The selection of bars and restaurants is just about the limit.

Prenzlauer Berg

The Prenzlauer Berg definitely also forms one of the most visited areas at night. Russian and Jewish restaurants are enriching the offer of food styles. Around the Kollwitz-Platz one can almost experience a world trip considering the variety of existing restaurants.
Beginning your tour at Wasserturm and Kollwitzplatz the area around Schönhauser Allee and Greifswalder Straße is one single nightwalk. Whether Torpedokäfer or Café Soda in the Kulturbrauerei, (a vast complex, Knaackstraße), Pasternak or Luna-Bar, the number of Cafés and Pubs is a legend.
Clubs such as Duncker, Knaack or Magnet offer live music, nightlocations such as the Dolmenclub, the Icon, H2O Bar, Prater or Coffy invite you to night dances.


Night owls with stamina can also give their undivided attention to the interesting range of pubs around Savignyplatz in Charlottenburg. The area consist of a great number of restaurants and bars where everyone can meet the stars of television or Berlin's culture and political scene. Here is the melting pot that combines symbolically the former west and the new centre to a harmonic construction.

Pariser Straße and Ludwigkirchplatz

Especially the younger crowd is attracted to the Pariser Straße. At this location you will find taverns, bars, American diners, Mexican restaurants and very modern and stylish discos. During the summer life concentrates on the street in form of many chairs and tables that invite us to rest. In the middle of this street the well-maintained Ludwigkirchplatz with its rich areas of green providing a relaxing shadow is located.

Winterfeldtplatz and Schöneberg

The Winterfeldtplatz forms a location for a frequently visited market where plenty of customers, tourists and locals meet each other in one of Schöneberg's numerous taverns and bars. The scene is considered as uncomplicated and various-faced, also due to the presence of Berlin's gay population.
In Goltzstraße the Schönebergers meet in places such as the Café M, Lux or one of the numerous Indian snack bars. Between Schöneberg and Tiergarten the 90º is still an up-to-date party location. But the Latinamerican Clubs El Barrio or the Caracas Bar invite for a visit as well.


In the meantime the Simon–Dach–Straße has proved to be 'the' place to be in Friedrichshain. The avant-garde is meeting in bars, taverns and clubs that attract visitors for their different life style.
Between Ostbahnhof and Ostkreuz, you will find something of everything: on the one hand "scene" clubs, such as the well-known Casino (you will find some of the most well-known DJ's there, e.g. Paul van Dyk) or Matrix, on the other hand Die Tagung – a small place on a nostalgia trip that is stuffed full of weird and wonderful memorabilia of bygone East German days.

Kreuzberg, Oranienstraße

Kreuzberg with its Oranienstraße is offering a variety of multicultural cuisine styles. Besides restaurants from all over the world such as the Amrit and the Kafka, bars, cafés and taverns like Alibi and Franziskaner attract the young and trendy population.
Altes Kaufhaus (former Trash) and Roses, Schnabelbar and SO36 are buzzing with young people until the early hours of the morning. In the Wiener Straße and at Görlitzer Park is plenty of action as well, proved by numerous Cafés and pubs (Morena, Madonna, Wiener Blut and as a new location the Privat Club).

The data have been provided by Berlin Tourismus Marketing GmbH and Staatliche Museen Berlin.
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