VLDB Endowment Awards

1. VLDB Early Career Research Contribution Award

The annual VLDB Early Career Researcher award recognizes a researcher who has made a research impact through a specific technical contribution of high significance since completing his/her Ph.D.:

Previous winners of this award were: Daniel Abadi (2013), Thomas Neumann (2014), Christopher Re (2015), and Luna Dong (2016).

2. VLDB Women in Database Research Award

The database community is privileged to have several excellent women researchers who have made significant impact on the field. While so far a few of our women research pioneers have been given the ACM SIGMOD Codd Innovations award, VLDB Endowment feels that we have a tremendous opportunity to celebrate our many accomplished women researchers. The objective of the initiative is for the aspiring and young undergraduate & graduate students, and Ph.D. researchers in Computer Science to see in clear view that that database community recognizes and treasures our female role models.

Starting in 2016, VLDB Board of Trustees will be giving the VLDB Women in Database Research Award to recognize a woman researcher who is an inspiring role model for women researchers as well for the community at large through her significant technical contributions. Additional impact on community outreach will be considered a plus.

The first winner of the award was Magdalena Balazinska (2016).

IMPORTANT DEADLINE: Nomination material for VLDB Early career Researcher Award as well as VLDB Women in Database Research Award should be sent via email to Alon Halevy (2017 VLDB Endowment Awards Chair) at alon@recruit.ai no later than May 15, 2017 (11.59pm Pacific Time).

3. 2017 VLDB 10-year Best Paper Award

There is no formal nomination process for this award, but input from the research community is welcome. A paper will be selected from the VLDB Proceedings from 10 years earlier (i.e., from VLDB 2007) that has best met the "test of time," that is, that has had the most influence since its publication. We are especially interested in first-hand accounts of ways in which the ideas of a paper have been used in practice. If you have such information, or any other information which you believe would be of use to the committee, please send email to the chair of the 2017 VLDB Endowment Awards Committee, Alon Halevy, alon@recruit.ai, by May 15, 2017.

2017 VLDB Endowment Awards Committee

Alon Y. Halevy (Chair)
Magdalena Balazinska
Christian S. Jensen
Sunita Sarawagi
Gerhard Weikum