IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Volume 5

Volume 5, Number 1, February 1993

Knowledge AcquisitionMachine LearningNonmonotonic ReasoningKnowledge Base ManagementKnowledge Processing ArchitecturesRelational Database SystemsDisk CachesRecursive QueriesDatabase Query LanguagesConcurrency ControlWorkshop ReportConcise Papers

Volume 5, Number 2, April 1993

Knowledge RepresentationKnowledge-Based SystemsExpert SystemsRule-Based SystemsObject-Oriented SystemsData DependenciesDatabase SemanicsRelational ModelsReplicated DatabasesQuery ProcessingPattern Matching AlgorithmsApplication-Specific DatabasesCorrespondence Papers

Volume 5, Number 3, June 1993

Knowledge AcquisitionKnowledge RepresentationRule-Based SystemsLogical InferenceKnowledge and Software EngineeringDatabase ModelsDatabase Query LanguagesObject-Oriented Models and LanguagesTemporal DatabasesDistributed Query and Rule ProcessingConcise Papers

Volume 5, Number 4, August 1993

Special Section on Multimedia Information Systems Statistical DatabasesFile OrganizationData OrganizationConcise Papers

Volume 5, Number 5, October 1993

Knowledge RepresentationConstraint SatisfactionKnowledge Processing ArchitecturesAccess MethodsObject-Oriented DatabasesRecursive QueriesQuery LanguagesTransaction ProcessingConcurrency ControlConcise PapersCorrespondenceErratum

Volume 5, Number 6, December 1993

Special Issue on Learning and Discovery in Knowledge-Based Databases Knowledge IntegrationData OrganizationSecure DatabasesQuery Processing

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