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Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 27

Volume 27, Number 1, March 2008

Articles Report

Volume 27, Number 2, April 2008

Scanning and Reconstruction Perception for Rendering and Animation Occlusion and Volume Rendering Geometry Processing Video and Relighting Interactive and Sketch-based Techniques GPU Rendering and Ray-Casting Character Animation Textures and Arrangements Parameterization and Transformations Fluids and Simulation Rendering and Simplification Rendering Volume Effects Imaging and Warping Image-Based Techniques Points and Meshes Shadows and Lighting Imaging and Projectors

Volume 27, Number 3, May 2008

Proc. Eurographics / IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization (EuroVis '08), Eindhoven, The Netherlands, May 26-28, 2008
Flow Advection and Geometry Processing Visualization Tools Multivariate Visualization Meshes and Volumes Software Visualization Illustrative and Realistic Volume Rendering Visualization Applications in Life Sciences Visual Analytics Visualization Applications Graph Visualization User Studies and User Interaction Flow Feature Extraction Parallel Coordinates Visualization for Neurology

Volume 27, Number 4, June 2008

Participating Media Global Illumination Local Illumination Textures Real Time Artistic Rendering Ray Tracing 1 Computational Imaging Soft Shadows and Light Fields Ray Tracing 2

Volume 27, Number 5, July 2008

Tetrahedra Shape Properties: Local and Global Smooth Surfaces Sampling and Reconstructing Surfaces Registering Deforming Surfaces I Registering Deforming Surfaces II Parameterization and Quad Tiling Bases and Coordinates

Volume 27, Number 6, September 2008

Articles State of the Art Review

Volume 27, Number 7, October 2008

Skull, Face, and Knits Image Editing Moving Images Subdivision and Segmentation Non-photorealistic Rendering Animation Rendering