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4Electronic Edition CiteSeerX Google scholar BibTeX bibliographical record in XMLMarco K. Müller, Alexander Heinrichs, Andreas Tewes, Achim Schäfer, Rolf P. Würtz: Similarity Rank Correlation for Face Recognition Under Unenrolled Pose. ICB 2007: 67-76
3Electronic Edition CiteSeerX Google scholar BibTeX bibliographical record in XMLAndreas Tewes, Rolf P. Würtz, Christoph von der Malsburg: A Flexible Object Model for Recognising and Synthesising Facial Expressions. AVBPA 2005: 81-90
2no EE CiteSeerX Google scholar BibTeX bibliographical record in XMLMaximilian Krüger, Achim Schäfer, Andreas Tewes, Rolf P. Würtz: Communicating Agents Architecture with Applications in Multimodal Human Computer Interaction. GI Jahrestagung (2) 2004: 641-645
1Electronic Edition CiteSeerX Google scholar BibTeX bibliographical record in XMLKieron Messer, Josef Kittler, Mohammad Sadeghi, Miroslav Hamouz, Alexey Kostin, Fabien Cardinaux, Sébastien Marcel, Samy Bengio, Conrad Sanderson, Jacek Czyz, Luc Vandendorpe, Chris McCool, Scott Lowther, Sridha Sridharan, Vinod Chandran, Roberto Paredes Palacios, Enrique Vidal, Li Bai, LinLin Shen, Yan Wang, Yueh-Hsuan Chiang, Hsien-Chang Liu, Yi-Ping Hung, Alexander Heinrichs, Marco K. Müller, Andreas Tewes, Christoph von der Malsburg, Rolf P. Würtz, Zhenger Wang, Feng Xue, Yong Ma, Qiong Yang, Chi Fang, Xiaoqing Ding, Simon Lucey, Ralph Goss, Henry Schneiderman, Norman Poh, Yann Rodriguez: Face Authentication Test on the BANCA Database. ICPR (4) 2004: 523-532

Coauthor Index

1Li Bai [1]
2Samy Bengio [1]
3Fabien Cardinaux [1]
4Vinod Chandran [1]
5Yueh-Hsuan Chiang [1]
6Jacek Czyz [1]
7Xiaoqing Ding [1]
8Chi Fang [1]
9Ralph Goss [1]
10Miroslav Hamouz [1]
11Alexander Heinrichs [1] [4]
12Yi-Ping Hung [1]
13Josef Kittler [1]
14Alexey Kostin [1]
15Maximilian Krüger [2]
16Hsien-Chang Liu [1]
17Scott Lowther [1]
18Simon Lucey [1]
19Yong Ma [1]
20Christoph von der Malsburg [1] [3]
21Sébastien Marcel [1]
22Chris McCool [1]
23Kieron Messer [1]
24Marco K. Müller [1] [4]
25Roberto Paredes (Roberto Paredes Palacios) [1]
26Norman Poh [1]
27Yann Rodriguez [1]
28Mohammad Sadeghi (Mohammad T. Sadeghi) [1]
29Conrad Sanderson [1]
30Achim Schäfer [2] [4]
31Henry Schneiderman [1]
32LinLin Shen [1]
33Sridha Sridharan [1]
34Luc Vandendorpe [1]
35Enrique Vidal [1]
36Yan Wang [1]
37Zhenger Wang [1]
38Rolf P. Würtz [1] [2] [3] [4]
39Feng Xue [1]
40Qiong Yang [1]

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