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2no EE CiteSeerX Google scholar BibTeX bibliographical record in XMLNunzio Nicoló Savino Vázquez, Juan Luis Anciano Martin, Sophie Dumas, José Antonio Corbacho, Ramón Puigjaner, Didier Boudigue, Georges Gardarin: Predicting the behaviour of three-tiered applications: dealing with distributed-object technology and databases. Perform. Eval. 39(1-4): 207-233 (2000)
1Electronic Edition CiteSeerX Google scholar BibTeX bibliographical record in XMLJuan Luis Anciano Martin, Nunzio Nicoló Savino Vázquez, José Antonio Corbacho, Ramón Puigjaner: Extending SMART2 to Predict the Behaviour of PL/SQL Applications. Computer Performance Evaluation (Tools) 1998: 292-305

Coauthor Index

1Didier Boudigue [2]
2Sophie Dumas [2]
3Georges Gardarin [2]
4Juan Luis Anciano Martin [1] [2]
5Ramón Puigjaner [1] [2]
6Nunzio Nicoló Savino Vázquez [1] [2]

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