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Search Author - Help

The 'Search Author' program is based on a simple substring test.
The search string Rama matches with Rama, Raman, Ramakrishnan, ...

If the search string does not contain any uppercase letter, the test becomes case insensitive.
The search string ley matches with Stanley, Kley, Ley, Leyman, ...
If you enter Ley the search is more selective: you only get Ley, Leyman, ...

Special characters like ä, ö, Ü, á, à, ê, ç, ø, å, ... are matched by the corresponding simple characters, ß is matched by ss, æ by ae.
Muller matches with Muller, Müller, ...

If the search string contains any HTML escape code like ü, á, ... the mapping of special characters to simple characters is switched off.
The search string Müller matches with Müller, but not with Muller.

If the search string matches exactly one name, you directly get this person's page. If several names match, you get a menu with all matching names.

If your WWW browser does not support form based input or you don't like it, you may navigate through the search tree. In the search tree authors with links to their homepages or known e-mail addresses are indicated by an asterix.

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