Auditing Large Scale Data Bases.

George M. Scott: Auditing Large Scale Data Bases. VLDB 1977: 515-522
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  1. Data bases and data base auditing are briefly defined.
  2. The roles of external auditors, internal auditors, and corporate managers in data base auditing are explained.
  3. The general approach taken by the auditor in his audit of a data base is presented.
  4. Consideration is given to the characteristics of data base systems which have particular implications for data base auditing.
  5. Attention is given to the nature of audit software packages.
  6. Data base management systems are discussed in relation to the problems they present for data base auditing generally and specifically for audit software packages; several alternative solutions to these problems are put forward.
  7. The impact of distributed systems and the data base administration function on data base auditing is explained.
  8. Several specific problems are listed that are matters of concern to data base auditors.
  9. In the Summary and Conclusions a program of cooperation between data base professional associations and professional auditor associations is urged with respect to specific mutual concerns.

Copyright © 1977 by The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. (IEEE). Abstract used with permission.

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Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, October 6-8, 1977, Tokyo, Japan. IEEE Computer Society 1977
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