Indexing Multimedia Databases (Tutorial).

Christos Faloutsos: Indexing Multimedia Databases (Tutorial). SIGMOD Conference 1995: 467
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The tutorial surveys state-of-the-art methods for storing and retrieving multimedia data from large databases. Records (= documents) may consist of formatted fields, text, images, voice, animation, etc. A sample query that we would like to support is "in a collection of 2-d color images, find images that are similar to a sunset photograph." The idea is to use feature extraction functions, which map an image into a point in feature space, so that we can use spatial access methods (SAMs) to accelerate the search. The tutorial examines the properties of good feature extraction functions, highlights subtle problems (e.g., the 'dimensionality curse'), and gives solutions. Finally, it presents case studies and prototype systems for 2-d and 3-d medical image databases, 2-d color image databases, and 1-d time series databases.

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