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OTM Workshops 2005: Agia Napa, Cyprus

Robert Meersman, Zahir Tari, Pilar Herrero, Gonzalo Méndez, Lawrence Cavedon, David Martin, Annika Hinze, George Buchanan, María S. Pérez, Víctor Robles, Jan Humble, Antonia Albani, Jan L. G. Dietz, Hervé Panetto, Monica Scannapieco, Terry A. Halpin, Peter Spyns, Johannes Maria Zaha, Esteban Zimányi, Emmanuel Stefanakis, Tharam S. Dillon, Ling Feng, Mustafa Jarrar, Jos Lehmann, Aldo de Moor, Erik Duval, Lora Aroyo (Eds.): On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems 2005: OTM 2005 Workshops, OTM Confederated International Workshops and Posters, AWeSOMe, CAMS, GADA, MIOS+INTEROP, ORM, PhDS, SeBGIS, SWWS, and WOSE 2005, Agia Napa, Cyprus, October 31 - November 4, 2005, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3762 Springer 2005, ISBN 3-540-29739-1 CiteSeerX Google scholar pubzone.org BibTeX bibliographical record in XML

Posters of the 2005 CoopIS (Cooperative Information Systems) International Conference

Posters of the 2005 DOA (Distributed Objects and Applications) International Conference

Posters of the 2005 ODBASE (Ontologies, Databases, and Applications of Semantics) International Conference

Workshop on Agents, Web Services and Ontologies Merging (AWeSOMe)

Security and Semantics

Agents for Web Service Support

Workshop on Context-Aware Mobile Systems (CAMS)

Querying and Fetching

Development and Engineering


Architecture and Models

Grid Computing Workshop (GADA)

Web Services Approach in the Grid

Grid Applications

Security and Ubiquitous Computing

Performance Enhancement in the Grid

Databases on the Grid


Workshop on Inter-organizational Systems and Interoperability of Enterprise Software and Applications (MIOS+INTEROP)

Service Modelling

Service Choreography and Orchestration

Interoperability of Networked Enterprise Applications

Workshop on Object-Role Modeling (ORM)

Schema Management

Industry Perspectives

Beyond Data Modeling

Future Directions


Formal Underpinnings

Ph.D. Student Symposium

IFIP WG 2.12 and WG 12.4 International Workshop on Web Semantics (SWWS)

Invited Papers on TRUST

Regulatory Ontologies (WORM)

Applications of Semantic Web I (SWWS)

Applications of Semantic Web II (SWWS)

Modeling and Querying Techniques for Semantic Web (SWWS)

Ontologies (SWWS)

Workshop on Semantic-based Geographical Information Systems (SeBGIS)

Measuring, Evaluating and Enriching Semantics

Schemata Integration

Geovisualization and Spatial Semantics

Algorithms and Data Structures

Systems and Tools

Workshop on Ontologies, Semantics and E-Learning (WOSE)

E-Learning and Ontologies

Ontology Technology for E-learning

Ontologies and Virtual Reality

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