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2. KDD 1996: Portland, Oregon, USA

Evangelos Simoudis, Jiawei Han, Usama M. Fayyad (Ed.): Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD-96). AAAI Press, 1996, ISBN 1-57735-004-9

Regular Papers

Combining Data Mining and Machine Learning

Data Mining Applications

Data Mining and Its Applications: A General Overview

Decision-Tree and Rule Induction

Learning, Probability, and Graphical Models

Mining with Noise and Missing Data

Pattern-Oriented Data Mining

Prediction and Deviation

Scalability and Extensibility of Data Mining Systems

Spatial, Text and Multimedia Data Mining

Systems for Mining Large Databases

KDD-96 Technology Spotlight: Concise Papers

Application of Mathematical Theories

Data Mining: Integration and Application

Genetic Algorithms

Mining Association Rules

Rule Induction and Decision Tree Induction

Spatial, Temporal, and Multimedia Data Mining

Special Data Mining Techniques

Invited Papers

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