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INFOCOM 1983: San Diego, CA, USA

Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM 83, April 18-21, 1983, San Diego, CA, USA. IEEE Computer Society Press, 1983, ISBN 0-8186-0006-3

International Data Communications

Distributed Operating Systems

Distributed Operation of Packet Radio Networks

Communications Networking - Today and Tomorrow

Routing and Congestion Control

Integrated Services Digital Networks

Distributed Database Systems

CCITT Study Group 7 Activities

User Experiences in Novel Communications Technologies

Multiaccess Techniques

A Perspective on the ARPANET Reference Model

Security and Privacy in a Network Environment

Bell Labs Network: A Heterogeneous Network Based on Layered Architecture

Analysis of Network Protocols

Distributed Control Algorithms

Multihop Packet Radio Networks

Media Access Protocols for Local Area Networks

Control of Queueing Systems

Examples of Local Area Networks

Implementation of Network Standards

Commercial Network Implementation

Advanced Analytical Techniques in Computer Communications

Distributed Systems Performance Evaluation

Communication Software Tools

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