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28. FTCS 1998: Munich, Germany

Digest of Papers: FTCS-28, The Twenty-Eigth Annual International Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Computing, June 23-25, 1998, Munich, Germany. IEEE Computer Society, 1998, ISBN 0-8186-8470-4

Session 1: Vision for High-Availability of the Global Infrastructure

Session 2A: Dependability of Storage and Processing Systems

Session 2B: Checkpointing and Recovery in Clusters of Workstations

Session 3A: Design for Safety and Critical Systems

Session 3A: FastAbstracts

Session 4A: Panel I: Cyber Threats

Session 4B: Highly Available Systems

Session 5A: Fault-Tolerant Protocols

Session 5B: Practical Experience Reports I and Software Demonstration: Physical and Simulated Fault Injection

Session 6A: Fault Containment and Fault-Tolerant Communication

Session 6B: Practical Experience Reports II: Diversity in Time and Design

Session 7A: Consistency and Communication

Session 7B: Analysis of the Behavior in the Presence of Faults

Session 8A: Decision Algorithms and Quorums

Session 8B: Test Generation and Fault Injection

Session 9A: Panel II: From Dependable Computing Systems to Computing for Integrated Dependable Systems?

Session 9B: Dependability Modeling

Session 10A: Software Availability and Robustness

Session 10B: Practical Experience Reports III: Avoiding the Perils of Checkpointing

Session 11A: Design and Validation of Complex Systems

Session 11B: Practical Experience Reports IV: Fault Tolerance in Transportation and Space

Session 12A: High-Performance and Dependable Systems

Session 12B: Practical Experience Reports V: Design and Assessment of Safety Critical Systems

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