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31. DAC 1994: San Diego, California, USA

Proceedings of the 31st Conference on Design Automation, San Diego, California, USA, June 6-10, 1994. ACM Press, 1994, ISBN 0-7803-1836-6

Software & Instruction Set Synthesis

Transition Densities for Sequential Systems

CAD for Analog and High-Performance Digital Circuits

Management of Electronic Design Automation


Asynchronous Synthesis

New Developments in Design for Test

Timing Analysis

Managing The Design Process

Estimation & Synthesis of Memory Structures

Intellectual Property


Technology-Driven Routing


data-Path Synthesis & Test

Topics in Verification and Diagnosis

FPGA Partitioning and Optimization

Design Implementation

BDD Techniques and Formal Verification


FPGA Placement & Routing

Formal Verification


Layout and Technology Dependent Synthesis

Delay and Self Test

Routing for High Performance


Logic Synthesis

Tutorial: Hardware-Software Co-Design

Design Representations and Data Structures for High Level Design

Design Methodology


CAD Algorithms in Non-CAD Problems

Fault Simulation and Diagnosis

World Class Electronic Design Methodologies I

New Ideas in High-level Synthesis


Electrical and Thermal Analysis

World Class Design Methodologies II

Formal Verification of Systems

Interconnect Analysis

Circuit Partitioning


Sequential Synthesis

New Techniques in Test Generation

Discrete Simulation

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