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AFIPS NCC 1974: Chicago, Illinois, USA

American Federation of Information Processing Societies: 1974 National Computer Conference, 6-10 May 1974, Chicago, Illinois, USA. AFIPS Conference Proceedings 43 AFIPS Press 1974 CiteSeerX Google scholar pubzone.org BibTeX bibliographical record in XML

Associative processing

Advances in data base management

Information systems for health care

Technological aids for the physically disadvantaged

Computers in communication and voice recognition

operating systems---I

Information systems for ambulatory care

Recent developments and applications of CAI

Operating systems---II

Health care planning and acceptance of computer systems

Business data processing education---a decade of failure

Equipment monitoring and information use (part I)

Display processing and technology

System implementation techniques

Network interfaces

Computer science education---recommendations for change

The high cost of software---causes and corrections

Artificial intelligence and related topics

Improving computer system effectiveness

Operation status of large scale data processing

Software for computer systems acquisition

Mini- and micro-computers in data communication systems

The prophet system---computing in pharmacology

Manufacturing control system

Darmouth time sharing system---then and now

Microprogramming technology

Planning and design of data communications networks

Automated warehousing

Cooperative government utilization of information processing systems

Architectural parameters

Programming and programming languages

Technology investment management

Installing an on-line information system in the manufacturing environment

Store ordering systems

Computer system design considerations for control applications

Network performance measurements

The computer---career guidance tool of the present and future

Selected topics on system simulation and interaction

Advances in memory technology

Standard for computer networks

Continuing education and career development for computer professionals

Data base administration

Switching and sorting networks

Continuing education and training through the use of CAI

Panel session papers and paper abstracts

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