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12. AAAI 1994: Seattle, WA, USA

Proceedings of the 12th National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Volume 1. Seattle, WA, USA, July 31 - August 4, 1994. AAAI Press, 1994, ISBN 0-262-61102-3

Technical Papers

The Arts


Believable Agents

Case-Based Reasoning

Cognitive Modeling

Music and Audition

Theater and Video

Automated Reasoning

Automated Reasoning

Description Logic

Causal Reasoning and Uncertainty Management

Causal Reasoning

Uncertainty Management

Constraint Satisfaction

Advances in Backtracking

Constraint Satisfaction Techniques

Tractable Constraint-Satisfaction Problems

Distributed Artificial Intelligence



Software Agents

Enabling Technologies

Instructional Environments

Knowledge Bases

Knowledge Acquisition, Capture, and Integration

Knowledge Bases

Machine Learning

Control Learning

Decision-Tree Learning



PAC Learning

Reinforcement Learning

Meta AI

Natural Language Processing

Corpus-Based Natural Language Processing

Lexical Acquisition

Natural Language Applications

Natural Language Discorse


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