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Shasha: DB Tuning

Dennis Shasha: Database Tuning - A Principled Approach. Prentice-Hall 1992, ISBN 0-13-205246-6 CiteSeerX Google scholar pubzone.org BibTeX bibliographical record in XML

Course Notes

Thanks very much for your interest.

The two files temptuning.text and temptuning.figs contain the text and figure slides respectively. They are both in uuencoded postscript format.

Please obtain the lecture notes by performing the following steps: 1. ftp into cs.nyu.edu (ip address is
2. type anonymous in response to login
3. type your id as the password
4. cd to pub/local/shasha
5. get temptuning.text
6. get temptuning.figs
7. apply uudecode to these two files.
8. print them out as regular postscript files.

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