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DBLP FAQ: What is the meaning of "Vis" on the person pages on server "Trier II"?

The Databases and Information Systems Group at the University of Trier announces the launch of DBLPVis, a new web-based access tool to the DBLP data set.


DBLPVis extracts different relations between authors, conferences/journals and keywords from the DBLP project and rates them. The most related entities are displayed in an graph. Since the development of a connection is often more important than the connection itself, the chronology of each relation is reflected in the drawings. Furthermore it is possible to view relations at a certain time interval, for example to find out the most productive authors at SIGMOD conferences in the 1980s:

SIGMOD [1981-1990] coauthors

To go to another graph click on a node and select a type of relation or use the query dialog at the top of the page. You can find an overview on the functionality at


You will find links to DBLPVis at DBLP's author pages if you use the Trier II mirror.

DBLPVis is still under development. If you have any comment, suggestion or bugreport please send a mail to


your input is appreciated.

Florian Reitz
Databases and Information Systems Group
University of Trier

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