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DBLP FAQ: What is the meaning of "DBLP"?

The DBLP server provides bibliographic information on major computer science journals and proceedings. Initially the server was focused on DataBase systems and Logic Programming (DBLP), now it is gradually being expanded toward other fields of computer science. You may now read "DBLP" as "Digital Bibliography & Library Project" - or simply accept it as the name of this service ...

To enter the bibliography select the List of all Conferences or the List of all Journals indexed by DBLP.

The next level of DBLP pages is called publication streams: A publication stream enumerates the events of conference series like VLDB or the volumes of a journal like TODS. The pages contain links to the tables of contents (TOCs) of the proceedings or journal volumes. Bibliographic information on the proceedings, information on upcoming events and pointers to Web pages of the publishers are integrated into the DBLP publication stream pages.

Tables of Contents of proceedings or journals are the next level of the DBLP pages. The full list of authors, the title, and the page numbers are listed for each article. The name of each author is clickable: You may jump to a page which lists all registered publication of this person. If available, session titles and titles of special sections or issues are included into the TOC pages. The conference or journal name in the header line of the TOC pages is a back link to the publication stream level.

For a subset of publications DBLP provides additional information on citation pages. These are reachable by following the Electronic Edition links from the TOC pages. Electronic edition links with the remark "(link)" point to external citation pages provided by publishers like ACM or Springer. Other citation pages are part of DBLP and contain an abstract and information about an online or CD-ROM version of the article if available. For a small set of selected publications the list of references of the paper is reproduced on its citation page. References to publications known by DBLP are clickable.

DBLP is a bibliography server and not a document repository or delivery service. Many papers indexed by DBLP have been published only in printed journals or proceedings. You may find them in your local library or order them from the publisher or a commercial delivery service. We do not answer requests for papers. To access the electronic version of articles provided by publishers you may have to subscribe their service. DBLP plays the role of an information broker which only refers you to an service provider.

The short paper

gives more background information about DBLP.

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