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DBLP FAQ: Why doesn't DBLP list the journal/conference ... ?

First answer:

Nobody has entered the information yet. To enter bibliographies is a time consuming work, our resources are very limited.

Second answer:

We have no access to the publication or a reliable source we are allowed to use.

You may help us:

You may enter the table of contents of your favourite proceedings or journal volume. If you are the editor or publisher of a journal or proceedings, you often have the information already stored on your computer. Please

If possible, please use the DBLP input format. Additionally it may be very helpful for us to get get the frontmatter (title pages & table of contents) - the preferred format for this is PDF.

Please contact me in advance if you plan to enter large amounts of information. This may help to avoid duplicate work. We have scripts to extract information from the web sites of several large publishers (e.g. IEEE, ACM, ...). Unfortunately publishers often change the formats and layout details of their servers, this sometimes makes our scripts very ephemeral.

If e-mail doesn't work, you may send me a CDROM with the material. My Address:

Dr. Michael Ley
FB 4 - Informatik
Universität Trier
D-54286 Trier, Germany

e-mail: ley@uni-trier.de

The scope of DBLP are scientific journals and proceedings from the field of Computer Science. We reserve the right to reject submissions we consider unappropriate for DBLP. For example, we are not interested in trade press articles ...

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