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S + U - Bahn
Berlin's public transportation system has been divided into three areas (called "zones" - German: Zone). You can buy tickets for either one, two, or three areas. In addition you can buy tickets that are valid for two hours (standard tickets), for a day (day ticket), a week (weekly ticket), or a month (monthly ticket).
As a participant of VLDB 2003 you will get a weekly ticket that will allow you to take any public transportation (bus, subway, S-Bahn) in the areas A and B (which covers almost all of Berlin, please see accompanying map). If you decide to go beyond these two areas you have to buy an additional ticket that extend your weekly ticket to area C (for example when vesting Potsdam and the castle of Sanssouci).
Most trains and buses run every 5 to 10 minutes in areas A and B during the day, so you rarely have to wait for connecting trains or buses.

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Bus & Tram
Buses and trams are also reliable means of transportation in Berlin. The existing network provides frequent stops and frequent runs throughout Berlin. During the day trams and buses run every 3 to 10 minutes on most routes.
Night buses are available between 1am and 6am every night. They are save and highly recommended as alternatives to taxis.
Your ticket allows you to use buses and trains within the areas A and B both during the day and at night.
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It's not usually too hard to find a taxi in Berlin's inner districts. The cabs are painted beige and have a characteristic taxi sign on the roof. You can hail one on the street, hop into any car at a rank, or phone one of the companies listed below to place an order.
A surcharge of EUR 1,- is charged for booking a taxi. Worth keeping in mind is the short trip fare (Ask the driver for a "Kurzstrecke"). On this deal you can travel up to 2km for just EUR 3,-. Note, however, that this fare is available only if you hail a cab and not if you order or pick one up at a rank.
Taxi fares are made up of a flagfall and a per km rate.
EUR 2,50
EUR 2,50
EUR per km
Mehringdamm 107, 10965 Berlin - Kreuzberg
Tel: +49 30 44 33 22, Fax: +49 30 43 32 99
Courbierestraße 5, 10787 Berlin - Tiergarten
Tel: +49 30 21 01 01, Fax: no fax
Kurfürstenstraße 115, 10787 Berlin - Tiergarten

Tel: +49 30 212 97 100

Fax:+49 30 211 33 88
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In case you would like to rent a car during your stay in Berlin we recommend the following car rentals. A car might be advantageous if you plan to visit sightseeing places outside of Berlin. otherwise, we highly recommend you use the excellent public
transportation system in Berlin (see...).
13405 Berlin - Tegel
Tel: +49 30 41012886, Fax: +49 30 4124757
Flughafen Tegel , 13405 Berlin - Wedding
Tel: +49 30 41 01 31 48
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