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Visa & Customs

Visas and Passports 

Holders of the following passports will NOT require an entry visa prior to arrival:
  • All countries in Western Europe (except for Serbia & Bosnia-Herzegovina)
  • All countries in North, Central, and Latin America
  • All Arab Countries (except for Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen)
  • Russia, Poland, Japan, Singapore, South Korea.
  • Australia and New Zealand
If you are from one of these countries, then you will only need to show up at the airport with a valid passport.  If you have checked the box to get the visa, the fee for the visa will be automatically added to your fees and you will be assisted by our representative at the airport.  If you forgot to check this box, you can still get a visa stamp from the airport easily.
If you are not from one of these countries, then you must apply for an entry visa prior to arrival in Egypt. Passports and all appropriate documents, including a self-addressed stamped envelope, may be sent by mail to an Egyptian consulate in your country of origin. There is usually a two week waiting period.  Please consult the Egyptian consulates international directory at
For more information on nationalities that require an entry visa prior to arrival, please check:

All travelers entering Egypt must have appropriate travel documents: a passport or other legal pass valid for six months beyond the visit, and a valid visa. Lost or stolen passports must be reported to the police immediately. (If lost in Egypt, new passports are usually issued in a matter of hours at the consular office of your embassy in Egypt.) 


The visitor is permitted to enter the country with 250 grams of tobacco, or 50 cigars, one liter of alcohol and personal affects. Animals must have a veterinary certificate attesting to their good health and a valid rabies certificate. 
Cairo International Airport is one of the few airports that has a duty free shop upon arrival and departure. 
Persons traveling with expensive electronic equipment such as cameras, video cameras, or computers may be required to list these items in their passports to ensure that they will be exported upon departure. 

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