Topics of Interest

VLDB invites submissions on core database technology topics and on topics that broaden database research beyond core technology. As described under Broadening, a submission on any topic could contribute to core or broadening database technology. VLDB 2000 welcomes high-quality submissions on core database technology. We particularly encourage submissions that contribute to our broadening objectives (see Broadening).

Topics of interest for VLDB 2000 include, but are not limited to, the following:

Active Databases
Advanced Search, Query, and Approximation
Applications and Systems Experiences / Case Studies
Architectural Issues
DBMS, Data, Applications, and Middleware
Databases as Components in Large Systems
Data in Enterprise Architectures

Authorization and Security

Concurrency Control and Recovery
Coupling Information Retrieval with Database Systems
Databases, Software Engineering and the Information System Lifecycle
Databases and database services in new contexts
Mobile Applications
Internet and the WWW
Embedded Databases
Application Service Provisioning

Data Management in specific application domains, for example
Developing Countries
Digital Libraries
Electronic Commerce
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Enterprise Data Management
Geographic Information Systems
Home and Personal Applications
Developing Countries
Land, Water, and Agricultural Management
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery


Data Models and Database Design
Data Quality
Data Transformation, Integration, Evolution, and Migration
Data Warehousing
  Database Benchmarks and Measurement

Database Languages

Industrial Challenges and Opportunities
Information and Data Semantics
Logic and Databases

Novel / Advanced Applications
On-line Analytical Processing
Optimization and Performance
Product Trends and Evaluations
Programming Language and Database Integration
Replication, Caching, and View Materialization
Semi-structured Data
Special Purpose Database Technologies
Digital Libraries
Heterogeneous and Federated Databases
Knowledge Base Management Systems
Multidimensional Databases
Multimedia Databases: images, streams, etc
Object-Oriented Database Systems
Parallel and Distributed Databases
Real-time Databases
Scientific and Statistical Databases
Spatial Databases
Temporal Databases
Text Databases
User Interfaces & Visualization
Very Large Databases
Views and View Management
Visual Query Languages and Tools
Workflow Systems

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