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Call for Attendance

Invitation to attend VLDB2000:

For 25 years, the VLDB conference has been the premier international forum for the exchange of ideas and research results among researchers, practitioners, consultants, and users of databases. As such the conference has been the focus of both technology developments as well as its application, and a point of interaction among people connected to the technology from different angles.

The VLDB2000 will be no exception, as it will continue to present to the community tutorials,  panels, research papers, industrial papers, and demonstrations of the highest quality, in the tradition of VLDB conferences.

The VLDB2000 will be the central event for a number of other workshops and events in the region that will be held either before of after the VLDB conference. In particular, it has inspired the first database workshop in Egypt. The VLDB acknowledges these events by making it easier to attend the VLDB plus another workshop whether before or after it, or both. The local workshop has an added significance as an annual event around which local database researchers and practitioners can begin to organize themselves and continue beyond the year 2000.

An exhibit is also planned for VLDB2000 in which visitors can see and discuss the latest database products and have face-to-face discussions with their developers and vendors. The site chosen for VLDB2000, it is a unique site indeed. The conference will be held in a hotel situated directly beneath the great Pyramid of Khufu, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The site of the pyramids itself is a vast site that contains 11 pyramids, numerous tombs and temples, and one museum hosting an ancient boat from the old kingdom, not to mention of course the Sphinx. The hotel which will host the conference used to be a royal hunting lodge and is now a renowned hotel that occupies this unique spot. The hotel was visited before by kings, queens and presidents. It awaits your visit. For many of the delegates, this will be their first visit to Cairo. The organizing committee will organize a rich social program that will include optional tours for accompanying persons, as well as pre- and post- conference tours all over Egypt. In addition, the conference banquet and cruise will allow the informal exchange of ideas and the chance to network and further develop the VLDB community.

On behalf of the Program Committee led by Michael Brodie and the Organizing Committee led by S. Gamal El Din, it is my pleasure to invite you to attend VLDB2000. Registration details, and details of travel, accommodation, program and social program are to be found on the VLDB2000 Website:

I look forward to meeting you in Cairo.

Nabil N. Kamel

General Conference Chair, VLDB2000