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Sorting networks on FPGAs Which sort orders are interesting?
Distributed similarity estimation using derived dimensions Type inference and type checking for queries over execution traces
Design by example for SQL table definitions with functional dependencies Answering pattern match queries in large graph databases via graph embedding
Continuous reverse k nearest neighbors queries in Euclidean space and in spatial networks
Foreword Special issue: best papers of VLDB 2010 MapMerge: correlating independent schema mappings
Towards certain fixes with editing rules and master data The HaLoop approach to large-scale iterative data analysis
Scalability of write-ahead logging on multicore and multisocket hardware An adaptive updating protocol for reducing moving object database workload
Parsimonious temporal aggregation Sort-sharing-aware query processing
Efficient management of uncertainty in XML schema matching Secure multidimensional range queries over outsourced data
Real-time creation of bitmap indexes on streaming network data A survey of skyline processing in highly distributed environments
Efficient subsequence matching over large video databases Windowed pq-grams for approximate joins of data-centric XML
Trie-join: a trie-based method for efficient string similarity joins GRAIL: a scalable index for reachability queries in very large graphs
A highly optimized algorithm for continuous intersection join queries over moving objects Efficient and effective similarity search over probabilistic data based on Earth Mover’s Distance
SCOPE: parallel databases meet MapReduce Special section on large-scale analytics
Spatial query processing for fuzzy objects CLARO: modeling and processing uncertain data streams
GBASE: an efficient analysis platform for large graphs Efficiently processing snapshot and continuous reverse k nearest neighbors queries
On the optimization of schedules for MapReduce workloads in the presence of shared scans Measuring structural similarity of semistructured data based on information-theoretic approaches
The exact distance to destination in undirected world A framework for efficient spatial web object retrieval
Approximate regional sequence matching for genomic databases Consistency and repair for XML write-access control policies
ANDES: efficient evaluation of NOT-twig queries in relational databases Mining frequent subgraphs over uncertain graph databases under probabilistic semantics
Query language-based inverses of schema mappings: semantics, computation, and closure properties
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