Overview Description

Mission and Principles:

The Proceedings of the VLDB, PVLDB for short, is a scholarly journal for short and timely research papers with a journal-style reviewing and quality-assurance process. PVLDB is owned by the VLDB Endowment and publicized by the ACM Digital Library. It is run by an editor-in-chief and a steering committee of 5 to 10 senior scientists, and it has an editorial board of 100 to 200 accomplished scholars. PVLDB solicits high-quality papers on timely research results that would have traditionally been submitted to a first-rate conference such as VLDB.

Submission and Publication Process:

PVLDB allows continuous submissions throughout the year.

In addition to being accepted or rejected, submissions may also have revisions requested and invited for further review. Regardless of the submission type, all accepted papers are uniformly published in the next available issue of PVLDB and will be offered a presentation slot at the next available VLDB conference. Accepted papers will be published in PVLDB only; there will be no separate published conference proceedings. For presentation at the conference in any year, a paper must be accepted for PVLDB by a specified date in May of that year at the latest. Papers that are accepted much earlier (e.g. in January) will be published in an earlier PVLDB issue (e.g. in April) and will still be presented at the VLDB conference (e.g. in August).

Reviewing Process:

All submissions will be thoroughly reviewed by three members of the PVLDB editorial board (in single-blind mode). Reviews are guaranteed to be provided within 2 months, typically faster. When a submission needs a revision, the reviews will provide a concrete plan of the necessary steps towards acceptance. The revised paper, which can and should be accompanied by detailed explanations of the authors, will be reviewed by the same reviewers that read the original submission. This allows authors to fix smaller issues and ensures consistency across the two reviewing rounds. This is a key property that distinguishes PVLDB from conference reviewing. The final versions of accepted papers will be checked by the responsible editors for journal-level quality assurance. Rejected papers are barred from being resubmitted to PVLDB for one year from the date of submission, not considering any invited revisions submitted.

Relationship to VLDB Conference:

PVLDB is designed to replace the traditional conference publishing for VLDB, with a much more flexible and better scalable submission process and a journal-style reviewing process with better quality assurance. PVLDB does not replace the annual VLDB conference, which aims to present timely work and foster scholarly interaction among the conference participants.

Other conference material like demo papers, industrial papers, front matter, etc. will be compiled into a special issue of PVLDB; this material should be seen as short communications rather than full-fledged journal papers. The PVLDB editorial board is the responsible body for reviewing and quality assurance.

For more detailed information on PVLDB, please refer to our FAQ section