Parallel Database Systems in the 1990's.

Michael J. Carey: Parallel Database Systems in the 1990's. SIGMOD Conference 1994: 466
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1 Focus of Panel

CPUs are becoming faster and faster, with no short-term end in sight. As a result, we seem to be reaching a point where only a few relatively inexpensive CPUs are needed to keep a herd of disk drives busy. As has always been the case, disk speeds are improving at a slower pace, although RAID technology may help in this regard. The panel will explore what the implications of these trends are for the high-performance commercial database systems of the 1990's. Relevant questions include: The intent of this panel is to address these and other related questions. The goal will be to identify important directions and issues for parallel database research and development efforts in the latter half of the 1990's.

2 List of Panelists

The panel will consist of leading parallel database system researchers and developers. It will include former/current advocates of each of the major parallel database system software architectures. Specifically, the panelists will be:

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